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Family and Divorce

Changes in family life can be a stressful and emotional time when decisions are made that have lasting repercussions and a clear head is most needed.

Our experienced MBC Law family lawyers can help whether you need legal advice on children; at the start or end of a relationship, about your family circumstances and international law, wills and or family businesses.

Our Family lawyers offer discretion and deliver, clear, constructive advice, support and legal representation on legal issues associated with the significant changes in your life changes.  With our focus on exceptional service, advice, expertise and client care, our family lawyers provide the guidance and support you need through-out your legal difficulties to ensure the best possible outcome with the least possible stress.

Our MBC Law Family lawyers aim to provide;

  • Step-by-Step guidance
  • Clear, Practical, Cost effective legal advice,
  • Realistic timeframes and expectations,
  • Clear and concise advice that is absent of legal jargon.

How can we help?

Our knowledgeable family lawyers can provide advice, guidance and support in all areas of family law.

Relationship Breakdown Advice for civil partners and married or cohabitating couples. We have experienced lawyers who regularly deal with complex financial issues surrounding divorce and separation including family businesses, partnerships, property portfolios, farming issues/assets, trusts, offshore/ foreignassets and pensions.

Relationship Agreements; including advice on Pre nuptials, Cohabitation or Separation agreements

Money & Property Advice on your family, property, business, wills and probate in the UK or overseas

Advice on Issues Involving Children’s – Paternity suits, Parental responsibility rights, adoption, surrogacy, maintenance or guardianship orders and child abduction

Domestic Violence Advice on Child or spousal abuse claims and concerns

International Family Law Advice on how all these family issues are affected to the relevant national or international laws.

At MBC Law we offer a comprehensive range of family law services. To discuss you case with one of our specialist Family lawyers call us on 0121 562 1704 or email [email protected]