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Employment Support

At MBC Law we understand the tactics used by employers and their advisers; and our experience enables us to anticipate and deal with organisations through negotiation, mediation and, if necessary, legal proceedings.

Our experienced lawyers are adept in resolving employment disputes can offer in depth support in all aspects of employment law. MBC Law can provide guidance throughout all of the stages of your dispute from the preparation of formal claims for an employment tribunals to representation at hearings.

MBC Law offer a skilful, detailed examination of each situation and our focus on providing pragmatic, and strategic legal advice means that you will know that your case is being diligently managed by experts

Who can we help?

Employees: If the relationship with your employer or works colleagues has broken down, leaving you unable to work or you need advice on your rights as an employee our legal experts can help.

With the submission of the right documents we can make an assessment of your case and deliver practical guidance on how to proceed.

•Your contract of employment


•Minutes of meetings

Partners or Senior Executives: If you are starting a new role or contemplating leaving your current position and need strategic advice or an expert review if your situation or contract, assistance negotiating your entry or exit package; mediation or legal advice, our knowledgeable Employment Lawyers can help.

Should your situation require legal representation or mediation, we have a team of skilled lawyers who are well positioned to help.

•             Reviewing employment contracts and negotiating new terms

•             Advising on tax and pensions (or referring clients to specialists for detailed technical advice where this is needed)

•             Advising partners and members of LLPs on their positions

•             Negotiating terms of departure and advising on their impact

•             Helping clients when they wish to move jobs, whether or not with their colleagues.

What areas of employment law/dispute do we cover?

Our solicitor’s expertise covers all areas of employment law and employment litigation such as:

Senior Executive Contract Negotiations and Disputes

  • Settlement (compromise) agreements and negotiated severances
  • pensions

Privacy and Data Protection

  • Restrictive covenants and protection of confidential information

Employment Disputes with your Employer

  • Bonus and commission disputes and other contractual claims
  • unfair and wrongful dismissal
  • constructive dismissal
  • employment tribunal claims for dismissal or discrimination (sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion and age)
  • disciplinary, grievance and capability procedures
  • equal pay
  • workplace stress
  • redundancies

Employment Negotiations with your Employer

  • Settlement (compromise) agreements and negotiated severances
  • Harassment and victimisation
  • Maternity and other family friendly rights

All aspects of trade union law including collective and trade union rights

At MBC Law we offer a comprehensive range of employment law services. To speak to one of our Employment lawyers about your employment dispute contact us on 0121 562 1704 or email us on [email protected]